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Walking Wounded

It's Los Angeles, CA, the late 80s. The Hollywood music scene is buzzing with exciting new guitar bands. "The New West" is the slogan for the new scene that is inspired by the rough sounds of 60s garage bands without being prone to nostalgia. The early '80s power pop craze induced by The Knack is finally on the wane and a down-to-earth rocker's attitude is cool once again. Be it folk rock or punk, people are ready to get excited about new rock sounds again. With the '60s as popular point of departure, the focus is now on looking forward. Politics is hot again, too, and Louisiana-born singer and songwriter Jerry Giddens fits into the scene very well.

Jerry Giddens' talent as a songsmith and lyricist was obvious for everyone to see. He was a socially and politically aware man, a guy who loved sixties folk-rock with a message. Walking Wounded was his band and just like Giddens' influences from the 1960s, his band combined strong melodies, innate musicality and intelligence in an exceptional of way.

The Walking Wounded debut album was released in 1986 followed by a second release that picked up on the new movement's name: THE NEW WEST. This was not only a touchstone for other bands at the time, but a testimonial to the strength of the Hollywood rock scene they were so much a part of. Public and critics liked this band and things were looking up for a while. Then Walking Wounded ran into some bad luck. The follow-up RAGING WINDS OF TIME, released in 1989 was withdrawn shortly after its release due to major label politics blues. Just recently this superb album was reissued as part of Taxim's "Desert Island Classics" series. Jerry Giddens went into a professional crisis after this debacle. Listening to his songs on ARTIFICIAL HEARTS this is hardly imaginable, because on the new record Walking Wounded present their very own brand of guitar based rock with a lot of passion yet again. Sometimes they hark back to The Byrds, sometimes to the energy of punk and sometimes the music is infused with a country soul. Jerry Giddens has survived and luckily his band has, too.

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