John York
Sacred Path Songs

catalog-no. tx 4001
world - 2000

track listing

Drum/Invocation: Iroquois (67K)
Earth Mother Flute (80K)
Omaha Tribal Prayer (87K)

"SACRED PATH SONGS embodies the Heart and Spirit of our Ancestors and the music of the Earth Mother and the Spirit World. John York has touched the essence of our way of Life and brought the Heart of Native America to the masses through his creative genius." -JAMIE SAMS

Evoking the mystery and medicine of the ancient ones "who rode the four winds before us", the music from SACRED PATH SONGS utilizes many traditional Native American instruments. This enchanting music, the perfect complement to Sams' Sacred Path CardsTM, will guide and inspire you along the Sacred Path.

JOHN YORK is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and composer best known for his work with the Byrds.

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track listing

  1. Drum/Invocation: Iroquois (Jamie Sams) 1:20
  2. Earth Mother Flute (John York) 2:40
  3. Omaha Tribal Prayer (Trad.) 4:07
  4. Pomo Clapperstick Blues (John York) 3:31
  5. Winged Ones (John York) 1:08
  6. Ancestors (John York) 1:41
  7. Cherokee Cradleboard Song (John York) 6:29
  8. Thunderbeings (John York) 1:54
  9. Sky Daughter Flute/Eagles Quest (John York) 3:55
  10. Shaman's Death (John York) 10:27
  11. Lovers Duet: Kokopelli & Ice Flower (John York) 2:54
  12. Just One Arrow (John York) 4:12

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