Kevin Jones - Raising the Ebenezer
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Kevin Jones
Raising the Ebenezer

catalog-no. tx 3024
folk - 2010


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  1. You Know I'm Here (Kevin Jones) 3:43
  2. Bow Down To The Master (Kevin Jones) 2:33
  3. Death To Life (Kevin Jones) 3:07
  4. Sympathetic Partner (Kevin Jones) 2:12
  5. Drive In Song (Kevin Jones) 4:00
  6. Girl From Lancaster (Kevin Jones) 3:04
  7. Couldn't Say I Blame You (Kevin Jones) 2:17
  8. Love Song For You (Kevin Jones) 2:21
  9. If You're Good To Your Guitar (Kevin Jones) 2:01
  10. Oh My, What A day It's Been (Kevin Jones) 1:57
  11. Dirty Rotten Dad Blame Blues (Ace Smith) 2:02
  12. With A little Faith (Kevin Jones) 3:06
  13. I'm Not To Blame (live) (Kevin Jones) 4:00

"With a surname as common as Jones and Kevin for first name, it's hard not to lose him among the many of musicians and singers called Kevin Jones. Some characteristics: ours is about 52 years old, he lives in Oberlin, Ohio, he owns a store where he sells music instruments and gives music lessons. He was signed by Taxim, a German label. Raising The Ebenezer is at the very least his second album. An album produced by a musician and producer of great reputation, John Jennings, who for many years has been a part of the group accompanying Mary Chapin Carpenter. As if by chance, you find her voice in two of the thirteen songs. Thirteen songs all written by Kevin except for one. Most of the pieces can be labeled "60's folk" but there are tracks like "Couldn't Say I Blame You" and "Dirty Rotten Dad Blame Blues" flirting with rockabilly. A very sympathetic, if not unforgettable, album."

- Le Cri du Coyote Magazine -

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