Peter Lewis
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Peter Lewis
with David West

Live at Lobero Theatre

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rock - 2013


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  1. Intro: Peggie Jones (Peter Lewis) 0:42
  2. Journey to the Crossroads (Peter Lewis) 4:11
  3. Lookin' for America (Peter Lewis) 4:24
  4. Fate Full of Shadows (Peter Lewis) 4:27
  5. When You Walk in the Room (Sharon Lee Myers) 3:17
  6. Pictures of the Past (Peter Lewis) 4:08
  7. Beyond the Storm (Peter Lewis) 4:28
  8. If Life Was Just a Game (Peter Lewis) 4:34
  9. He (Peter Lewis) 5:08
  10. Lookin' for America (Studio) (Peter Lewis) 3:06
  11. 8:05 (Studio (Jerry Miller/Donald Stevenson)) 2:52

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On recording Peter Lewis.

Peter Lewis' life has been populated by large personalities from the start. First as the son of actress Loretta Young, growing up in a house frequented by the top tier of Hollywood Filmdom, and later becoming a member of the hugely influential rock group Moby Grape with all of the attendant characters '60s San Francisco could offer. Privilege and success can be deceiving. Being the child of overly busy parents can be, and was, a difficult road for a sensitive and talented kid who needed more validation than a series of boarding and military schools can give. Then, after achieving true "star" status, Moby Grape became the poster child for the devastating effects of colossal career mismanagement, leaving wreckage in its wake.

Now years later, having survived it all, Peter is writing arguably the best songs of his life. Remarkably still innocent and inquiring, he is never more comfortable and seemingly at home than when he is on stage relating anecdotes and memories of his unique personal history. This is what I wanted for so long to capture in a live recording. Peter tells his stories and sings his songs with a guileless delivery which is never self aggrandizing... as if we all had Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart at our childhood dinner table, or communed with the likes of Jimi Hendrix or Van Morrison in San Francisco in 1967. Never name-dropping to impress, just describing the events of his extraordinary life.

It has been my great (and sometimes frustrating) privilege to try to corral Peter's mercurial self long enough to record in the studio or do a small concert tour. Sitting beside him on stage or in the studio, I am delighted to have the best possible seat to hear Peter tell his endless stories and sing his amazing songs. Peter Lewis has evolved into quite a large personality in his own right. Its all captured on "Live at the Lobero Theatre."

David West

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