Corky Carroll
A Surfer for President

desert island classics
desert island classics #6

catalog-no. tx 2054
rock - 2000

track listing
A Surfer for President (85K)
A Casual Look (69K)
Tan Punks on Boards (108K)

To declare a cultural artefact as "cult" has become somewhat inflationary these days. But sometimes it is justified and fits just like Corky Carroll's surfboard into a "pipeline" and A SURFER FOR PRESIDENT on the surf rock revivalist's desert island.

So for the non-surfers among us, here's some mandatory info on the dude: In 1979, Corky Carroll was the real-life surfing champion of the world. With A SURFER FOR PRESIDENT he became a pioneer of the 80s surf rock revival in Southern California. Whereas the rest of the world caught up with this revival later when the movie "Pulp Fiction" came along, the US had fun with this revival already since the early eighties. With the title track and "Tan Punks on Board" the album contains some all-time underground classics of the surf rock/ punk scene and the battle cry "Tan punks on board super cool and groovy" was to be heard even at the early shows of Guns'n'Roses when they played the local joints. The early line-up of this band included a young guy by the name of Steven Darrow, the punk rocking son of rock legend and Taxim recording artist Chris Darrow. Chris in turn was the musical mastermind behind A SURFER FOR PRESIDENT. It's something of a companion piece to Chris Darrow's own A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DRIVE and offers a second musical trip back to his "beach years". But how did this meeting come along?

the desert island classic story #6


track listing

  1. A Surfer for President (Jerry Waller) 2:03
  2. Tracks of Capistrano (Corky Carroll) 2:52
  3. Death by Disco (Corky Carroll) 1:53
  4. A Casual Look (Ed Wells) 2:14
  5. Semi Gunn (Henry Mancini) 3:06
  6. Tan Punks on Boards (Carky Carroll/Chris Darrow) 2:50
  7. From Pizza Towers to Defeat (Frizz Fuller) 3:01
  8. Jungle Morning (Corky Carroll/Gabriel Wisdom) 3:37
  9. T-Town Saturday Night (Friz Fuller) 2:38
  10. Late Great California Blues (Robert Johnson arr. Corky Carroll) 1:48
  11. Pipeline 2000 (Bob Spickard/Brian Carmen) 2:40
  12. Sparkle Eyes (Corky Carroll) 2:58
  13. City of Fallen Angels (Corky Carroll) 5:06
  14. Cruzin' for Love (Corky Carroll) 2:56
  15. Mongo Joe (Corky Carroll) 3:47

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