Maxfield Parrish
It's a Cinch to Give Legs to
Old Hard-boiled Eggs

desert island classics
desert island classics #4
catalog-no. tx 2051
rock - 1999

track listing
The Lighthouse Is Falling (75K)
It's Alright (70K)
Cruel Deception (92K)

Maxfield Parrish an enigmatic name still today. Even in the early 70s the few lucky owners of a rare vinyl copy of "IT'S A CINCH..." - released on the small local Claremont Cur Non label - speculated about the identity behind this strange name. Was it a solo artist? A band? Or maybe just a loose aggregation of Californian hippies? The list of guest musicians was pretty impressive: David Lindley, Bernie Leadon, John Ware, Chris Darrow, Chester Crill, John London the producer's name: Chris Darrow. Quite a safe bet for some extraordinary music! Now, almost thirty years later, the long overdue re-release of an expanded edition of the album serves as an opportunity to shed some light on this ominous record. It also celebrates a fascinating piece of work from rock's history nothing more and nothing less.

the desert island classic-story #4



track listing

It's a Cinch to Give Legs to Old Hard-boiled Eggs:
  1. The Lighthouse Is Falling (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 3:10
  2. It's Alright (I Love Her) (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 2:56
  3. Ellie McCall (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 2:03
  4. Cruel Deception (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 4 :09
  5. Bottle of Reds Blues (David McClellan/Perrin Muir) 3:46
  6. Julie Columbus (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 2:26
  7. Cross Over the World (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 2:01
  8. The Widow (Lennie Porrue) (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 8:11
  9. 'Round the Morning* (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 2:54
  10. The Untransmuted Child* (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 6:24
All Gone Down (The Palmer Canyon Tape):
  1. Juanita* (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 3:56
  2. Hershey* (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 2:53
  3. Whoa Johnny* (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 3:22
  4. Mother of Pearl* (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 3:02
  5. Dismal River* (Perrin Muir/David Biasotti) 7:43
*previously unreleased

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