Goodman Brothers
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Goodman Brothers
Day or Night "Live"

catalog-no. tx 2042
rock - 1998


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  • Supernatural (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 3:18
  • Lost Highway (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 2:41
  • Dark Horses (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 3:35
  • Boomer:s Story (Tradd./ Arr. Billy Goodman) 4:11
  • Ship at Sea (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 6:07
  • Day or Night (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 3:26
  • Barbed Wire (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 4:15
  • Good Shepherd (Tradd./ Arr. Billy Goodman) 8:18
  • Thick and Thin (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 5:55
  • Just a Friend (F. Goodmann/B. DeMain) 2:39
  • Show Me Something (F. Goodmann/B. DeMain) 3:14
  • Talk With Me (F. Goodmann/B. Goodmann) 4:41
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    Goodman Brothers

    Two of the folk world's most respected musicians collaborate on a gorgeous album of 12 original songs. Recorded on a magic night at Gringos, Heidelberg, in 1997, "Day or Night" is a mellow-vibe session of tunes that placed these musicians and songwriters on common ground, and resulted in an inspiring appearance that will bring to mind the classic recordings of Simon & Garfunkel, the Everly Brothers and Flying Burrito Brothers. The music of Billy and Frank Goodman is more than a good time. It's a real party for the heart.

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