Bumpin‘ Uglies
Dreamin‘ Blue Sky

catalog-no. tx 2024
rock - 1996

track listing

The new generation from L.A. This four-piece fronted by female songwriters Cheryl Pawelski and Samantha Humphrey has fashioned a unique alternative/pop/folk hybrid that features their excellent original material. A nice blend of acoustic and electric guitars, touches of mandolin/violin and excellent songs coming from a distinctly feminine perspective qualify this band as very promising and a real discovery. A fresh breeze...mixing contemporary and classic.

“Two women and two men moving elegantly between folk and pop, creating an amazing kind of musical tension.“


track listing

  1. Dreaming Blue Sky (Cheryl Pawelski) 2:38
  2. Dove (Samatha Humphrey) 3:27
  3. Morning Call (Cheryl Pawelski) 02:27
  4. Thin (Cheryl Pawelski) 4:57
  5. Easy Chair (Samatha Humphrey/Cheryl Pawelski) 1:50
  6. Off the Fence (Cheryl Pawelski) 3:36
  7. Money Tree (Chris Hale) 3:10
  8. Memory's Junkman (Cheryl Pawelski) 2:50
  9. Blood on My Hands (Cheryl Pawelski) 2:49
  10. Claim the Season (Cheryl Pawelski) 3:14
  11. Wipe the Windshield (Cheryl Pawelski) 2:40
  12. Diamonds (Cheryl Pawelski) 2:46

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