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rock - 1995

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Comeback of a San Francisco legend: Darby Slick, member of the Great Society and composer of “Somebody To Love“, returns with a project that embraces both psychedelia and grunge. His son Jor Slick is a unique talent: beside composing, singing, playing and producing, he designed a one-of-a-kind fretless electric guitar for his father, whose remarkable playing is central to the musical landscape of SandOland. Bay Area favourite Scott Mathews is on drums.

“The material has the spacey hypnotic feel that was prevalent in the San Francisco sound of the '60s, but is fused with subtle Eastern elements and cutting edge '90s rock.“


track listing

  1. Santa Cruz (Darby Slick) 5:29
  2. Candied Pain (Darby Slick) 3:17
  3. A Bag of Sand (Jor Slick) 5:57
  4. In the Night (Darby Slick) 3:58
  5. One Look (Jor Slick) 2:36
  6. In Another Dream (Darby Slick) 4:36
  7. Somebody to Love (Darby Slick) 4:06
  8. The First to Know (Darby Slick) 3:49
  9. Nothing is Sailing (Jor Slick) 5:31
  10. Nowhere Noplace (Jor Slick) 6:13
  11. Pools of Time (Jor Slick) 4:17
  12. I Will Love Only You (Darby Slick) 7:56

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