Los Chumps - Pretty Girls Everywhere
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Los Chumps
Pretty Girls Everywhere

catalog-no. tx 2013
rock - 1995


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  1. Cissy Strut (Nocentelli/Neville/Porter/Modeliste) 3:23
  2. Break Up (Jerry Lee Lewis) 2:27
  3. Pretty Girls Everywhere (Eugene Church) 1:50
  4. Ramona (Chuck Berry) 02:27
  5. The Girl Can't Help It (Bobby Troup) 4:26
  6. It's Better to Have and Not Need (Don Covay) 3:16
  7. Soul Twist (King Curtis) 2:44
  8. I'm Gonna be a Wheel Someday (Hayes/Bartholemew/Domino) 1:19
  9. Mohair Sam (Charlie Rich) 2:54
  10. Have Love Will Travel (Richard Berry) 3:05
  11. Sidewinder (Lee Morgan) 2:48

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Los Chumps

Dedicated to some “lost heroes“ of pop history such as Don Covay and Arthur Alexander, this is a 3/5 incarnation of Kaleidoscope (Darrow, Lagos, Buda + Jerry Waller and Steve Bruen) captured in a loose 1982 recording. A lovingly selected program of classics by Chuck Berry, Charlie Rich, Richard Berry and more. A fun album marked by an unorthodox attitude not unlike the classic Pure Food & Drug Act. Previously unreleased material.

“A quirky but entertaining melding of rock'n'roll and soul standards ...“

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