The Drover
Tightrope Town

catalog-no. tx 2010
rock - 1992

track listing

Life as a tightrope act - a metaphor for day-to-day life of Los Angeles as observed by singer/songwriters Eric Caboor and David Kauffman. Musicality and lyrical expressiveness are just two virtues of this edgy folk-rock duo, whose approach reminds of singer/songwriter David Baerwald. They combine the melodicism of California rock with acute observations of life in the modern world.

“Caboor and Kauffman tell their stories with a great sense for detail and a subtle sense of humour ... powerful folk/rock/country/blues vaguely reminiscent of Canadian songpoet Bruce Cockburn.“


track listing

  1. Tightrope Town (E. Caboor) 6:51
  2. Pretty Lady in a Beat Up Car (D. Kauffman) 5:17
  3. Don't They Do It All the Same (E. Caboor) 3:01
  4. The Mexican Song (D. Kauffman) 04:44
  5. Delivery Man (D. Kauffman) 3:58
  6. Boulevard (D. Kauffman) 6:18
  7. Colleen (D. Kauffman/E. Caboor) 4:33
  8. Time Will Drag You Down (E. Caboor) 3:54
  9. Did Heaven Send an Angel? (E. Caboor) 3:51
  10. Status Quo (E. Caboor) 5:59

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