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The Taints
'Taint Blues

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blues - 2009


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  1. Solitaire (Steve Hohn) 5:17
  2. Time Is Money (Steve Hohn/Bleu Jackson) 5:01
  3. Koko Road (Fred James) 3:41
  4. Shootin’ For My Heart (Steve Hohn) 4:27
  5. I’ll Be With You (Steve Hohn/Bleu Jackson) 3:05
  6. The House That Love Lives In (Fred James/Stan Webb) 5:38
  7. Let It Slide (Steve Hohn) 3:36
  8. ‘Taint Blues (Steve Hohn) 3:23
  9. You’re the Reason It’s All My Fault (Fred James/Mary-Ann Brandon/Zimmermann/LaValley-Stallings) 3:22
  10. Preaching to the Choir (Fred James/Steve Hohn/Hawks/Ken Saydak) 2:39
  11. You Gotta Stand Tall (Steve Hohn/Bleu Jackson) 4:54
  12. Misty Rivers (Fred James/Stan Webb) 6:45

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The Taints

We called this group The Taints because the music we play ‘taint Country, ‘taint Rock & Roll and ‘taint Blues. But it is a mixture of all of these forms. This project grew out of a co-writing session between Steve Hohn and Bleu Jackson. It sounded good so we recorded some more, and before we knew it we had an album. Steve is the primary songwriter for the group and is originally from St. Louis, but he settled in southern Colorado in the early 1970s when the Hippie commune scene was in full swing there. He played music in various bands throughout the southwest for the next 30 years. I first met him in the late 1970s when I was touring the western states in support of my first album (“Music Man”/Cascade Records 1978). I didn’t see him again until I began spending summers in Colorado half a dozen years ago. He impressed me with his songwriting talent, and his engineering skills at his Fishing Hole Studio. My friend Ken Saydak had also relocated to southern Colorado, and when I approched him about producing his next record we decided to use Steve’s studio. The three of us also co-wrote “Preaching to the Choir” for that project (“It’s My Soul”/Evidence Records 2005).

Taxim Records expressed interest in a Colorado Blues compilation a couple of years ago (“Rocky Mountain Blues”) and asked me to put it together. Steve contributed a song to that album, his first international release. Bleu Jackson had also recorded several albums for Taxim (both as a solo artist and with Commander Cody vocalist Billy C. Farlow) and is always looking for good songwriters to collaborate with. He and Steve seemed a perfect match. Bleu’s songs have been recorded by Johnny Winter, Sonny Burgess, The Sam Lay Blues Band, Earl Gaines and many others. He has also played guitar for Homesick James, Charles Walker, Johnny Jones and Al Garner. We first met in the early 1970s in Nashville and have been working together off and on ever since.

I originally came to this project as producer and sideman, but as things moved on I found I had a few songs that fit nicely with the project. Two of my efforts here were written with British Blues legend Stan Webb (Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, etc.) for his “Webb” album I produced in 2001. I’ve had the privilege of playing guitar for some of the best in Blues (Frank Frost, Sam Lay, Roscoe Shelton, Homesick James), Rock (The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Dr. Hook, Tommy Tutone) and Country (Billy Joe Shaver, Vern Gosdin, David Houston), but I find the mix of Roots music styles The Taints have come up with to be particularly refreshing. In the tradition of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Little Feat, The Band, Commander Cody and The Flying Burrito Brothers, we’ve dispensed with labels and strict genres and just made music that feels good. We all just threw stuff in the pot and stirred it up. Each of us sang three songs and all sang together on another. Steve Hohn then played slide guitar on two instrumentals and that wrapped it up nicely. So when listening to the album, don’t think about what ‘tis…..just dig what ‘taint.

Fred James 2009

For more information about The Taints go to: www.fishinholestudio.com

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