Sam Mitchell

catalog-no. tx 1045
blues - 2000

track listing

Blues in the Bottle (90)
Same Ole Blues (79K)
Jiggy Jiggy Man (81K)

THE RETURN OF THE BLUES GYPSY ... "RESONATING" marks the return of a classic figure of British blues history: singer, slide player and Dobro guitar expert Sammy Mitchell has always been the object of a great deal of respect in the U.K., but so far always failed to deliver a record that did his art justice. With "RESONATING" he has finally made THE album. It clearly shows why Sam Mitchell is one of the few real blues legends from Europe. He presents every aspect of his masterful playing, and the record shows an artist who hasn't sacrificed his music and individualism for the sake of being commercial. Sam Mitchell's playing today is at its peak and he doesn't have to hide out from his folk- and countryblues competitors. But these stylistic genres doesn't nail precisely what Sammy does, because Sam Mitchell likes to be a genre-hopper. This is exquisitely crafted modern acoustic roots music. Sam Mitchell has finally arrived.


track listing

  1. Refugee Blues (Sam Mitchell/John Conroy) 03:46
  2. Blues In The Bottle (Trad. arr. Sam Mitchell) 02:45
  3. Let There Be Smoke (Sam Mitchell) 02:39
  4. Monkey In The Head (Sam Mitchell) 03:21
  5. Unfinished Business (Sam Mitchell) 03:19
  6. Packing Pallets (Sam Mitchell) 02:32
  7. Solar Skates (Sam Mitchell) 05:59
  8. Same Ole Blues (J.J. Cale) 02:51
  9. Talkin' Mr. Johnson (Sam Mitchell) 03:08
  10. Let's Split (Sam Mitchell) 03:35
  11. Little Peer (Sam Mitchell) 01:41
  12. Parchman Farm (Mose Allison) 03:54
  13. Kokomo (Fred McDowell) 03:57
  14. Drifter (Sam Mitchell) 04:32
  15. Jiggy Jiggy Man (Sam Mitchell) 04:10
  16. Studio 51 (Sam Mitchell) 02:29
  17. Hey Alexis (Sam Mitchell) 03:13

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