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Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis is the son of legendary Hollywood diva Loretta Young, a fact that turned out to be significant in terms of the man's biography in more than one way. As a young rebel and rock'n'roller his family background didn't exactly make things easier for Lewis and it had quite complex repercussions on his artistic life for a long time. Seduced into folk-rock by the classic sounds of The Byrds, Peter Lewis escaped his conservative family background and he delved deep into the rock and roll world. He got his start as a member of a surf band by the name of The Cornells and he went on to become a founding member of Moby Grape - one of the greatest American bands of all time. Moby Grape released their debut album in 1967 and it's still one of the most revered rock albums ever. The band's energetic and hyper-exciting combination of folk, blues, country and rock'n'roll was a one-of-a-kind sound. It was a new kind of American roots music but the band's career never took off the way it should have, due to personal tragedies and bad business decisions. Their true potential was never realised, but some of the band members kept reuniting for various projects over the years. It took Peter Lewis a long time to shake off the troubled legacy of his band and make his mark with some original music.

That finally happened in 1993 with the release of his first solo album "Peter Lewis" on Taxim. Rolling Stone gave the album their maximum of five stars and Lewis presented himself as a mature and expressive solo artist. His songs were expertly crafted, rich on melody and they featured intracate musical arrangements. Besides furthering his career as a painter, he made various solo appearances in an all-acoustic format, mostly in California. One of the musicians contributing to the "Peter Lewis" album was multi-instrumentalist David West - a man with a quite colorful musical CV of his own.

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