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Bugs Henderson

Without a doubt, Bugs Henderson has made contributions to Taxim's blues repertoire. Starting with his all-time classic "At Last", the man has been a cornerstone of the blues catalog.

Blast from the past: Bugs Henderson was born in Palm Spring, CA, in 1943. Since the mid-fifties he's been residing in Texas, becoming a genuine Texan in the process. He's been playing the guitar for more than forty years by now. Some early inspirations: Link Wray, B.B. King, James Burton, The Ventures and especially blues legend Freddie King. His first professional band is named The Sensors and in 1966 the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area becomes home. His Rockin' Rhythm Daddies make some small waves as houseband of the influential "Cellar" club and Henderson contributes his guitar work to a genuine top ten hit: "Public Execution" by Texas punk rockers Mouse & the Traps. The first signs of a small cult following are appearing and Henderson introduces a young guitar player by the name of Johnny Winter to the nuts and bolts of the life of a working musician.

By the end of the Sixties Henderson's talents are in demand: he gets to play for friends and colleagues like Delbert McClinton, Ike & Tina Turner, Leon Russell, John Nitzinger and Freddie King. Especially the latter becomes Bugs' mentor, convincing him to step forward and to form his own band. It's the mid-Seventies. But Henderson's personality is not made to play the game in a big time kind of way. His down-to-earth mentality keeps him in Texas, performing and putting out records locally for a diehard audience of true fans. This stubborness is one of the key pillars of the cult status Henderson acquires in the years to come. Slowly but surely the world takes notice, however, especially because of Henderson's musical prowess on stage. He's loud and rough, hot as a Texas Chili.

Mainly because his music is marked by an almost unstoppable will to generate a specific kind of energy and the dynamics of his attitude keep him safely grounded in Texas, Bugs Henderson is an artist of great individuality. He tends to avoid clichés, but he's a traditional guitar-slinger in the best sense of the word. Henderson likes nothing more than to make an electric guitar sing and to revel in its rich harmonics and overtones.

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