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BARNSTORMER are from the Northwestern part of Germany and they are a classic rock outfit: guitars, bass, vocals - that's it. Even if the welcome sounds of a mandolin gently creep into this web of guitars, the general direction is clear: GUITARS RULE. And this philosophy is not only a general statement of intent but quite concrete concerning the band's major influence. More than once you sense the ghost of Neil "Shakey" Young & Crazy Horse emanating from the speakers. It's coming slow but strong - sometimes loud, sometimes low, always full of intensity. And ain't that exactly the way it should be according to rock's rulebook as written by Uncle Neil?

BARNSTORMER was founded in 1993 and the band has two major songwriters: Juergen Boeke (guitars, vocals) and Stefan Scholz (guitars, vocals). The rhythm section consists of Michael Daum (bass, vocals) and Christoph Engelke (drums, vocals). Generally speaking, BARNSTORMER are about personal expression but they are working hard on their collective expression as well. Their joy of playing cannot be missed, in fact. Böke and Scholz always sing their respective songs themselves and it's interesting to learn about their personalities this way. They do sing differently as well, but it all comes together in the end and the band's style is clearly informed by contemporary Americana: Blue Mountain, Uncle Tupelo and their offspring Wilco and Son Volt - and Crazy Horse, of course. American roots rock from the 60s and 70s is pretty much essential for the BARNSTORMER sound but that's not all. The guys also like the energy of early grunge and punk, the melodic genius of the Byrds and the authenticity of bluegrass and outlaw country - even if for the most part these have left their traces only ideally. So personal expression is communicated in a very dynamic and collective roots rock sound. The intensity level is subtly controlled by all of the band members. The BARNSTORMER sound is intense but sensitive, intelligent and honest, simple but true.

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